Jeff van Hoy

Boys 2005/2006 Coach

Coach Jeff van Hoy’s love affair with The Beautiful Game began at age 5. As a player, he trained and played competitively as a goalkeeper, ranking among the top 4 in the State of Indiana’s Olympic Development Program. He credits Dr. Joe Machnik’s gold standard training for his development in the position, and he was coached from the age of 10 by eventual UK professionals (including David Weir, Capt of Everton and Scottish National Teams) and former U-16 and U-19 US National Team players. When his physical stature ceased to reach College and Senior-level specifications, he re-focused his efforts at center midfielder, but he would not be recognized as a field player until being recruited as the sole American on a Bosnian team in the Chicago Metro League in his late 20s.

As a coach, he has 20 years of experience with teams from the U6 level to Women’s A-League. He credits his premature mis-classification in a specialized position for his desire to give every player as much complete development in every position for as long as possible. He also values long-term development over competitive results, as he has seen coaches’ desire for outcomes to cloud their vision for players’ potential.

As a student and fan of the sport, he has attended World Cups in Germany, South Africa and Brazil and European Championships in Austria, Switzerland and France. He has witnessed first-hand the reach of the game throughout global culture and how it can be used to motivate other aspects of development, and he endeavors to share this passion and the lessons learned from it with his players.

He holds a USSF E License and attended the Barcelona Coaches Clinic. He also has years of training in acting and directing which contributes to his interpersonal skills and ability to explain technique and strategy to younger players. His mission is to give every player he can the opportunity to realize their full potential in time to make their own descisions when the time comes to do so rather than having those decisions made for them by circumstance.